Types of Pallet Racking Protectors

When it comes to pallet racking, you need to protect your racks and equipment from damage. Luckily, there are several types of rack protectors that can help keep people and equipment safe. These include column guards, end-of-row protection, steel mesh containment panels, and heavy-duty rack protectors.

Column guards

Column guards are a great way to protect your warehouse’s pallet racking from damage caused by forklifts and other equipment. These products are posts that bolt into the floor, and they prevent unauthorized people and equipment from accessing certain areas. Using these accessories can extend the life of your pallet racking solution.

When protecting your racking, it is essential to consider the type of equipment you use. Forklifts are known to damage pallet racking, which can cause the entire racking system to collapse if it is not repaired. Column guards prevent this kind of damage by deflecting most of the impact created by large machinery. They are also inexpensive and easy to replace if damaged.

End-of-row protection

End-of-row protection for pallet racks, also called end of aisle guards, protect upright frames at the end of a rack aisle from damage by forklifts. These protectors are especially important in warehouses where heavy traffic and increased workday speeds increase the risk of forklift accidents. End-of-row guards can be anchored to the floor for extra security.

In addition to end-of-row protection, column guards protect individual columns from forklift impacts. They pallet racking guards can be used for sliding pallets, as well as pallets that are outside of the rack. These guards prevent forklifts from damaging the rack and can prevent accidents and injuries.

Steel mesh containment panels

Steel mesh containment panels can be mounted vertically to pallet racking. They prevent inventory and equipment from falling and injuring anyone below. This is particularly useful in back-to-back rack systems. They also help maintain a clear flue area and are a solid stop for falling loads. Safety netting is typically installed in these panels to catch falling items.

When choosing pallet racking safety panels, you should look for a product that meets industry standards. For example, if you are using steel-mesh pallet racking, you’ll need to use a material that meets ANSI MH31.1-2019 standards for impact strength.

Heavy-duty rack protectors

These products protect your investment by shielding the critical supports on your racks. They also help prevent dangerous spills from occurring. This means that you can enjoy a safer work environment and avoid costly collisions. In addition, they take up little space in your aisles. This makes installation easy.

IronFlex guards are designed to fit standard pallet rack columns and resist damage. They are stronger than bolt-down guards and prevent the need for frequent replacements. They are also designed with SlowStop technology, which allows impacts without damaging the floor. The Low guarding is ideal for charging stations, wall protection, and pallet stops.

Upright and frame protectors

These protections are mounted on the floor in front of uprights and provide an extra level of safety. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They typically measure 12” or 18” high and protect the lower leg and base plate of the upright. This means that they are much more cost-effective than replacing entire uprights when they are damaged.

Upright and frame protectors for pallet rigging are essential for any warehouse with heavy-duty industrial equipment. These steel protectors attach to the side of uprights with 3/8″ slotted mounting holes and offer comprehensive impact protection. They also feature a safety yellow powder-coat finish for visibility.