How Do I Organize My Circulated Silver For Sale?

Silver is another precious metal which is slowly drawing the attention of investors. Physical silver is considered as the small brother of gold. It is considered to be an asset which would help to protect one’s wealth. It acts as a hedge against inflation. As a result, many people are investing in silver coins for sale in order to diversify their portfolio and in order to remain protected.

 silver coins for sale

Silver Dealers

Often, people try to sell their circulated silver coins to the authorized dealers and shops which deal with silver coins. One gets to see these coins in different kind of shapes and sizes.silver coins for sale

However, millennial might not have a proper idea about circulated silver coins. They may not know also how to sell them to a coin dealer.

There‘s nothing to worry if you are given the task to sell the circulated silver to a reputed coin dealer. This blog post would guide you through the entire process.
silver coins for sale

Points to Consider

Before heading to a coin dealer dealing with bulk silver coins for sale, one should keep in mind that the dealers will try to look out for rare silver coins. Most of the coin dealers specialize in rare coins. Hence, the dealers always try to look out for coins carrying some historical value and significance. However, the silver coins are valuable only because of the silver content in them.silver coins for sale

How to Sell the Coins?

Coin dealers recommend customers to arrange the silver coins for sale into four groups. It would make the process of selling much faster. In case, a person is not able to divide the coins into groups, they don’t need to worry. Professional coin dealers can easily organize the silver coins on behalf of their client.

However, if one wants to group the rare silver coins into separate groups on their own, they should follow the steps.

  • Firstly, in one group, one should try to include the 20th century U.S. silver coins starting from 1964. These group of coins can contain 90% silver in them. Also, by combining 10 dimes one would get the same amount of silver as contained in 4 quarters or 2 half dollars.

  • In another group, one can include the half dollars made up of 40% silver unlike the dated coins with 90% silver. By examining silver coins for sale individually by date, one can easily distinguish between 40% silver coins and 90% silver coins. Make sure the coins after 1964 into another group.

  • In the third group, one can include coins starting from the year 1878 to 1935. Each coin needs to be examined in order to find in order to find a rare coin or one with a better condition. Both these things can increase the value of the coin.

  • On the fourth group of silver coins for sale, one can include the 19th-century coins and U.S silver coins of earlier date. Under this category, finding valuable coins becomes an easy task. One can also include foreign silver coins under this group.

Before meeting the dealer, make sure to differentiate silver coins and copper clad coins separately. Following these steps would make the process of selling the coins very swiftly.

So What Are Bongs, Exactly? A History Guide

Bongs have made their mark in the history of dabbing experience. As a matter of fact, from Thailand to America to Ethiopia, bongs have made their mark all over the world. It is considered to be a device, or a water pipe that is used as a filtration device for smoking cannabis or any other substance, like tobacco.

If you are interested to learn about the history of bongs for sale and the various versions in which they are available, you need to go through the blog. Basically, you will get to know about the different designs and accessories associated with bongs. Once can get their desired bongs in the market.

What Are Bongs?

Bong can be defined as a water-filled smoking device which can produce smooth, clean, and cooler ‘milk’. Once the smoke is filtered from the dried herbs with water, the residue particles and water-dissolving molecules won’t enter the respiratory system.

Different Parts

Bongs are available in different styles, shapes, and size. They can be made up of glass, ceramic, plastic, clay and other materials. However, the components of the bongs remain the same.

The three distinguished features of their construction are:

  • Water Chamber

The below of bongs for sale comprises of a curved chamber which holds water. its function is to filter and cool down the smoke so that it feels smooth on the throat and lungs when inhaled.

bongs for sale

  • Tube

When the smoke will flow through thsi water chamber, it will flows upward into the long-neck like vertical tube and comes out through the mouthpiece. it filters the smoke further.bongs for sale

  • Downstem

It draws the air and smoke into the water while the user inhales and creates bubbles. When the downstem is stationary, it comes with a car and small hole above water linebongs for sale

The Evolution of Bongs

Bongs offer similar functionality as hookahs. However, in order to learn the way in which it evolved, one needs to look back into the history. It is assumed that bongs for sale flourished from ancient times in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Excavations in Africa showed 13th century earth pipes made up of horns, bamboo, and earthenware. After that, during the 16th century, hookahs came up in the Persian culture. Bamboo bongs were used from China to Thailand. As a part of trade, bongs started to travel throughout Europe during the 18th and 19th century. After that, it made their way to America.

The Victorian water pipes were made up of ceramic and were beautifully decorated. During the late 1970’s the glassblowing art movement, led glass bongs to get a patent. Here, the demand for intricate artwork grew for the glass bongs. Today, in 21ST century one can see decorative glass bongs for sale.


Today, glass bongs area made up of hand-blown glass so that it can change color. However, one can go for the ceramic version if one wants. Small and plain bongs are less expensive. Usually, the pricing of the bongs increases depending on the thickness of the glass and intricate accessories,

If you are new to the world of bongs, there’s nothing to worry. You can choose from Percolator Bongs or Bubbler Bongs or Mini Bongs. Even after being expensive, bongs for sale can provide best dabbing experience.

9 Best Interior Paint Colors for Your House

The mistake which most people make while coloring small houses is restricting themselves to whites or light shades. People are unaware that a small house can be painted with almost any shade provided the right accessories and lighting is used. The misconception is that dark shades make the house look smaller. In reality the dark shades can add a little bit of drama to your house and can completely transform the plain home. You can take the help of Brampton Painters to make your house look outstanding.

By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea about the shades which you can use for painting your small house.

Behr Shadow Taupe BNC-24

Working from home is the best thing one could have asked for. You need to make your work space look relaxing as well as business-like. You can use a neutral color in light shades. If you can add some natural lighting, your workspace will look outstanding and will help you to concentrate in your work even more.

Brampton Painters

Carter Crème-Magnolia Home Paint

You can make your bedroom look remarkable by using neutral colors and hiring professional Brampton Painters. If the space of the bedroom is small, you can use a light neutral shade to make the area look luxurious and spacious.

Brampton Painters

Behr Aqua Breeze 500E-2

You should always paint your laundry room with fresh colors. Even if your laundry room is small, you can opt for the fresh colors easily. The fresh shades will help you to brighten up the area and provide a refreshed look to the room. The Brampton Painters can paint your laundry room in an efficient manner.

Brampton Painters

Benjamin Moore Silver Mist 1619

If you are looking for something unique for your living room, you can opt for gray. The color adds a modern twist to the room and you can decorate the room according to your taste and preference.

Brampton Painters

Magnolia Green – Magnolia Home Paint

If you have a mudroom, you can opt for a cheerful and fun color. A natural green can easily make your mudroom outstanding. You can easily create a mudroom in your house.

Brampton Painters

Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow

You can opt for a bright yellow color for your kitchen and ask the Brampton Painters to paint your kitchen. You can also paint the cabinets white to make the kitchen look perfect. You might need to check a few shades of yellow in order to get the perfect shade for your kitchen.

Brampton Painters

Ella Rose-Magnolia House Paint

If you love unique shades of pink, then you should opt for this unique shade. This shade would be perfect for the guest room.

Brampton Painters

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster SW 6265

If you have a stenciled or striped wall then the room appears much larger. You can just use neutral colors and can make the room look unique by adding stripes.

Brampton Painters

Farrow and Bay Pavilion Gray

You can choose a unique color for the dining area. You are free to decorate the room in traditional or contemporary style according to your preference. You should hire Brampton Painters to do the task for you.   Brampton Painters

Small Office Binding Machine Continued-Coil Binding Machine

Out of all small office binding machines, the coil binding machine or the coil binders is mostly used. In all the office premises you will find a coil binding machine. The most common machine that is used for book binding is the coil binding machine. It can also be termed as spiral binding. A plastic coil is used to bind the book that you want. It is the simple way to keep all your necessary documents together in a folder.

types of binding

Types of Binding:

As coil binders are used in binding documents, many other materials are also used for binding. Along with coil binding, there are many types of binding that can be used in offices. Here are some of the commonly used binding methods.

  • Saddle stitch
  • Perfect binding
  • Section sewn
  • Wire binding
  • Cased-in wiro binding
  • Pamphlet binding
  • Coptic binding
  • Screw post binding
  • Japanese binding

About Coil Binding Machines:

Binding of documents is a common site in every office. There are many written documents and paperwork which need to be done to keep the facts and information intact and in proper place. For this binding is very important especially in the office areas. Coil binders are used for coil binding or spiral binding. It is a form of binding that use a coil to hold documents that need to be kept together. Coil binding is done by machines that are specialized in binding with the help of a coil. The machines can be either electric or manual depending on the variety of the machine. But it is better to use the electric ones because they are quicker than traditional manual machines. Both the types of coil binding machines are capable of giving the same effect on any volume of binding.

coil binding

Advantages of Coil Binding:

Coil binding is the most commonly used binding process in the office. Not only it is easy to use, this binding process has lot of other advantages too. In this blog, you will find the advantages of doing a spiral or coil binding.

  • Coil binding are used to bind materials like diaries, pads, brochures and calendars. These are the necessary stuff that is used in offices.
  • Coil binders can be versatile because the coil used for binding are available in various sizes ranging from 6mm to 50mm. different sizes can be used to bind different volumes of materials, which can be from a few sheets to about 500 sheets.
  • There is a wide range of colour options for the binders that are used. Any company can use any colour for binding materials. In fact pantone colours can also be used if any company wants to match with their corporate colour.
  • It is the most durable of all kind of binding that are used for office purposes. Coil bound material can lie absolutely flat and so it is the most used binding by all. The coil that is used is indestructible and can resist crush.
  • The falling out of pages can be reduced if coil binding is used to bind any particular document.

Coil binders can be helpful in many ways including the use for spiral binding.

Getting your Merchant Cash Advance Loan

Merchant cash advance is considered to be a blessing to the business owners because it helps them to obtain cash immediately during a financial crisis. Merchant cash advance is not considered to be a loan because it is an advance obtained by using a credit card. Before opting for Merchant Cash Advance, should be known by you to get a better understanding.

How Does It Help?

With the help of merchant cash advance, you can easily obtain an advance amount on your Bank account on a regular basis. The merchant cash advance is based on the sales or revenue which the company would be generating in the future.

The providers who offer merchant cash advance evaluate the risks and credit card requirements differently than the traditional money lenders. The providers try to assume whether the business will be able to pay back the loan on time before they grant the funds. It is advisable to get an idea about Merchant Cash Advance, beforehand.


The rate of interest on merchant cash advance is higher than the interest rates for the other loans. In many cases, it is observed that the provider approves the loan which would not be approved by the traditional money lenders. Before opting for Merchant Cash Advance, you can get an idea about the rates of interest.

How Does it Work?

The business owner and the provider sign an agreement regarding the amount of money which would be taken as advance, the payback amount and the holdback percentage. As soon as the agreement is made the advance amount is transferred to the bank account of the business owner.

Every day, a pre-agreed percentage of the revenue is withheld as the holdback amount. The holdback amount is withheld till the time the business owner is able to payback the entire advance amount. Since the repayment is done on the basis of the daily balance in the account of the business owner, he is able to pay back the advance if he has more transactions in his business. In case, the number of transactions on a given day is less, then the amount which is debited from the account will be less.merchant cash advance

Repayment of the Advance  

When a business owner opts for merchant cash advance, he might have to pay twenty to forty percent of the amount that he has borrowed. You should get an idea about the repayment policies before opting for Merchant Cash Advance.merchant cash advance

What Does Hold back Percentage Depend On?

The holdback percentage depends on the amount of funds which is received by a business. It also depends on the amount of time which would be required by the business to pay back the advance amount. The holdback percentage also depends on the size of the receivables.merchant cash advance
Is It Right For Your Business?

You can opt for the merchant cash advance when you need some cash urgently. Many business owners opt for merchant cash advance because the requirements to get the merchant cash advance granted are much easier in comparison to the traditional loans.

You should always try to know all about Merchant Cash Advance, before you opt for it.merchant cash advance


How Your Home Could Benefit from a Basement Renovation?

If you have a home, you must have spent a fair amount of time thinking about the unrevealed potential of your basement. After all, this occupies a large portion of your house and yet it simply sits there gathering dust.

There are many people who think why should they remodel the basement and whether it is worth the money?  Toronto basement renovations mention that rather than just considering it as a loss of time and income, you need to take your unfinished basement as an opportunity. Check out why basement renovation will prove to be beneficial for you.toronto basement renovations

Augments the Value of the House  

An appraisal or value of your home will largely depend on the finished square footage.  When you have the finished basement, you can be sure that it will increase the value of your home. Thus, you will get a great return on investment for finishing the basement with the help of Toronto basement renovations. Withthis, you can move on to the next point. toronto basement renovations

Easier and Faster to Re-sell

When you have finished basement, it will eventually increase the value of the property. As a matter of fact, it will also make the house more appealing to the people who want to buy it and when you put it out in the market. A finished basement will help in convincing the buyer as this can be taken to be an added luxury for the bonus and purchase as they will not have to spent money and time for renovating the basement.toronto basement renovations

Additional Income

Building legal suite in the basement by Toronto basement renovations will offer you long-term financial gain. This is a really good option for the people who feel that they have more space than they require and do not plan on using the basement. Prior to taking any decision, you should renovate the basement. This way you will have a legal suite to rent out. However, make sure that the house is structured for this. This might include a shareable laundry room, a separate entrance to the basement, available parking space, or basement windows.toronto basement renovations

More Space

Toronto basement renovations states that usually, basements are of the same size as the primary floor. Thus, if you finish it, you are simply going to double the amount of livable space that you have in your house. This is a great benefit if you are considering basement renovation. By making the basement habitable, you will be able to improve the quality at your house. Moreover, spending more time at home for the purpose of entertainment will help you to save travel expense.toronto basement renovations

Design Flexibility

In some cases, the basement is little more just continuous open space. This is just like having a loft under the house. Open and big spaces are the dream of designers like Toronto basement renovations. It will help you to take it to a direction that you prefer.toronto basement renovations

Good Times

One of the popular choices that people tend to make when they think about renovating is turning it into a recreation room. Here, friend and family members can have fun together. If you are worried that it is not possible to hold any occasion in your house is not possible since you do not have sufficient space, you need to renovate your basement.

Get Your Windows Replaced In Summer

Most of us might have heard an old saying, “To everything, there is a season.” This saying holds true when the question of replacing the doors and windows of a home comes. In case, you are looking forward to windows & doors project, spring is considered to be an ideal time for it. However, according to professional window replacement companies, in reality, there is no best season or time to replace. Homeowners can easily replace the windows of their home during the summer months or the summer break also.

Right Time to get Windows Replaced 

Just like spring, summer is preferred by homeowners and window installers to install brand new windows. As homeowners won’t need to heat their houses quite often, it won’t result in any heat loss when the windows are being replaced. However, one won’t be able to cool their house properly. Still, switching to new windows from the old ones can be done in the best way during summer.

Not suitable in winters

In the western part of the world, the colder seasons can become pretty cold. If any homeowner takes up windows & doors project during that time, it can leave one exposed to the harsh winter weather conditions. In fact, if the project takes a lot of time, the home can become very cold. In an attempt to warm up the house, utility bill can go up.

Hence, window replacing project is far more suitable during the summer months. If you still have doubts whether summer would be ideal for replacing the windows of your home, you need to go through the rest of the blog.

windows & doors

Reasons to Replace Windows during Summer

Easy Installation

Installing new windows during the summer months is much easier. One won’t need to deal with the chilling wind while carrying out the installation task. At the same time, warm weather would help to caulk properly.  windows & doors

Energy Efficiency

The windows & doors can come with high-quality insulation panels. Thereby, it can easily reduce the heat to enter the room. Hence, one won’t need to turn on the air conditioner very & doors

Keep Out Allergens

Another important reason to opt for summer replacement is that it can keep out the insects and other pollutants. Usually, the pollutants can enter the house through the cracked windows and pollute the air. Hence, the best way to stop the pollutants is to replace the windows.

Easily Accessible

Windows & doors contractors become busy during the spring and fall. Hence, when summer gets closer, they are not burdened with projects. Thus, one would be able to get in touch with contractors very easily. One can even get better deals during this & doors

Won’t Affect the Temperature Indoors

Many people chose to replace the windows during the summer months, as homeowners won’t get affected by the outside temperature. This means that the lives of old people and children won’t get affected.

Increased Value of Property

With new windows & doors, the value of the property can be greatly increased. It can make the surrounding more pleasing.

With sturdy windows, the beauty of a home can be greatly improved. Replacement windows can be a great investment that can keep a family safe from a dangerous situation.

Fitness Matters

In this monthly column, Marlon Teekah focuses on various aspects of fitness and answers questions you might have in order to encourage you to be your best in body, mind, and spirit.

Everyday Awesomeness at the Gym

The long-term benefits of exercise have been pretty well documented, and many people know what they are: getting physically active will help you with reducing cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and a ton of other things. All of these benefits are good — really good — but they can take a while to notice.

Unfortunately, many people don’t give themselves the time to see these benefits, since they’re so caught up in getting quick results (such as losing 20lbs in one month). Consequently, they stop exercising and wait until later to get in shape. For all my amigas and amigos who made it a resolution to get active for 2012, this urge to drop the dumbbells and start bicep curling the potato chips into their mouths may be starting to occur right about … now. But wait! I have a solution for you that may just help you to continue on with your fitness journey!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not one to buy into short, quick results from the gym (such as losing 20lbs in one month). However, instead of using results as your motivating factor to keep in the gym, what if you re-evaluated your motivation? What if you started to pay more attention and appreciate the small, daily moments of everyday awesomeness at the gym? These examples below may help (and please e-mail me if you have any more):

Mustering up the fortitude to leave your house for another day at the gym, despite not wanting to go when you woke up
The warm welcome from the receptionist at the front (it’s icing on the cake if they know your name and/or if they are attractive)
The beep of your card being successfully swiped in
The click of the turnstile as you go through it
Clean locker rooms
Finding an empty day locker right by the showers
The smell of freshly laundered gym clothes
Walking on the gym floor and hearing your favourite song blasting on the radio
Having a short catch-up conversation with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while
Jogging on the treadmill while the sun outside beats down on your face
The light sweat on your skin after a 10-minute warm-up jog
Hearing your favourite “pump-up” song right before you do your last minutes in the gym
13. Lifting a little more weight, doing one more rep, running a little faster, and/or stretching a little deeper than you did your last session (it’s paying off!)
14. Sipping on ice-cold water when you really need it
15. The moment right after you feel that tremendous burning in your muscles and abs
16. Walking to the stretching area with rubbery legs
17. Having a nice, long, slow stretching session at the end of the day
18. The click of the turnstile as you leave the gym
19. The first meal after you exercise
20. Feeling refreshed throughout your day (for those morning workout people)
21. Waking up the next morning and feeling muscle soreness (but still being able to function)

I can speak from personal experience when I say that whether I was in or out of the gym, I got caught up in wanting, in what’s happening next, in achieving long-term goals, in chasing. Essentially, I forgot to enjoy the ride, and took for granted all of the little things that were happening right in front of me. So, I challenge myself — and I challenge you — to be a little bit more mindful of the present moment while you are in the gym; to recognize and appreciate the small, amazing moments that are right in front of your eyes. If you want to be super ambitious, you can start to be more mindful of these things (i.e., warm songs on a cold winter day) in every aspect of your life, throughout your day. It might just make your life that much better. (If this resonates well with you, I suggest you checkout “The Book of Awesome”!) September 2010 Good News Toronto

See you next month!


DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is recommended for the general population who are physically able to exercise. To determine if exercise is appropriate for you, please consult your physician before trying anything offered in this column or exercise in general. Marlon Teekah and Good News Toronto are not liable for your safety.

A humble hero making a huge difference

Yusuf Hirji, an 18-year old from Pickering, has survived more obstacles than most of us are given in a lifetime. And he’s done it all with a smile on his face.

Yusuf was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, in 2012. If some of you are wondering why osteosarcoma sounds so familiar, it’s because it is the same kind of cancer that affected another Canadian hero, Terry Fox.

While Terry took to the road to raise money for cancer research and awareness, Yusuf has taken to the stage as a youth ambassador for the Terry Fox Foundation, a role that allows him to speak to students across many schools and share his experience, insight and hope for the future of cancer research.

“I don’t know what necessarily inspired me to do this, it just kind of happened,” said Yusuf. “I mean, once I started doing it, I wanted to keep on doing it, and I love public speaking, so it was important to me.”

He began speaking shortly after he was diagnosed, travelling to local schools to talk about the Terry Fox Foundation and his personal experience.

Yusuf with his hydration backpack during chemotherapy.
Yusuf Hirji with his hydration backpack during chemotherapy.

It was in October of the same year that he had a painstakingly long 16-hour surgery on his leg. After that, he went through chemotherapy and was actually the first pediatric patient to receive aggressive chemotherapy as an outpatient in Canada. In other, non-medical words, he was able to go home and have the hydration needed to flush out the chemotherapy provided in a backpack. Yusuf was able to recover in the comfort of his own home and have his family and friends by his side. Today, Yusuf only needs a cane to help him get around and is proudly cancer free.

Yusuf explained that he finds public speaking “addicting” in a sense—the connection he makes with the audience and witnessing the realization that kids come to when they see that their fundraising and hard work contributes to actual people and makes an actual difference.

“Every time I do a speech, I want to change someone’s perspective on life,” Yusuf expressed.

It is easy to see that Yusuf has taken the cards that life has dealt him and used them so positively and so passionately.

Now 18, Yusuf is in Grade 12 and isn’t succumbing to the pressures that many kids his age are feeling now. With post-secondary decisions right around the corner, Yusuf has a simple answer for the question what’s next after high school?

“I have no idea what I want to do,” he said, explaining that a career in public speaking is definitely an option, but for right now but he hopes to take a year off and test out the public speaking waters some more, see if it is really something he’d enjoy doing. “Nothing is set in stone, and that’s the way I like it.”

Martha McClew, the Provincial Director for Ontario for the Terry Fox Foundation, gladly took the time to explain the importance of having Yusuf as an ambassador for the foundation. “He’s a great role model, he’s a teenager, he’s got cool hair and he’s got his tattoos, and in the eyes of kids, he looks normal,” she said, adding, “That is such an important message that we are trying to get across: that just because these kids have cancer, it doesn’t make them any different.”

Among other things, Yusuf was a competitive soccer player prior to his diagnosis and has since had to adapt his dream of playing soccer overseas. He spoke at the head office of Adidas over the summer and shared with them his story as an athlete and what his cancer has changed for him. Martha was in the audience during that talk and was really moved by his speech.

“Literally the room was absolutely mesmerized [by] his story as an athlete and how he had to completely give up that dream but was still so positive about it,” she said.

Yusuf has not an ounce of regret about having to give up soccer. Instead, he has chosen to redirect his energy and passion into something that feeds his soul just as soccer used to.

“Now I’m not playing any soccer; I’m coaching a bit here and there, but I’m trying to find other things that interest me and that I can be as passionate about,” he said.

When asked if he has any plans to follow the same or a similar path that Terry Fox took, Yusuf said that he has been thinking about it.

“I’m still walking with a cane, so it’s nothing I can do now, but I know if I started running again, because I love to run, I wouldn’t stop.”

Yusuf has accomplished and survived so many things, it’s safe to say that he won’t be slowing down anytime soon.