Facelift Surgery – How to Choose the Right Surgeon

If you are considering facelift surgery, you need to be careful when choosing a surgeon. You want to make sure the surgeon you choose is board certified, which means that they meet a certain standard of education, expertise, and best practices. You can also get recommendations from friends and family members who have undergone this procedure. However, you should not rely solely on the referrals of others; do some research on your own and visit more than one plastic surgeon. Getting more than one opinion is essential in making sure that you choose the right one for your needs.

Less invasive facelifts

Less invasive facelift surgery involves minimally invasive techniques, such as injectable fillers and platelet-rich plasma. These techniques can soften fine lines, contour sunken features, and lift sagging facial skin. Patients can enjoy dramatic results with minimal recovery time and pain. In addition, because they do not require surgery, these treatments can be customized to the patient’s unique features.

The procedure requires only a small incision, usually in the hairline or in the temple, and often involves the placement of a camera. The doctor can then tighten the platysma muscle, the deepest layer of the cheeks. Endoscopic facelifts are also less invasive, with only small incisions on the face.


The S-lift procedure is a surgical facelift technique that involves elevating a small skin flap. It is performed under local anesthesia with minimal sedation. Afterward, the excess skin and fat are removed and fine sutures are used to close the incisions. Patients usually recover in three to five days. Some people choose to return to work immediately after surgery.

The S-lift surgery is performed through a small incision, often in theĀ Face Lift Sydney front of the hair line. The surgeon will move a small flap of skin up to the hair line through the incision. This procedure will improve the appearance of the jawline and cheek tissue, but it will not correct jowls, a poor neck angle, or significant laxity of the skin or muscles of the neck.

Eyelid surgery

Patients who want to improve the look of their eyes can have eyelid surgery. The surgery can tighten loose, droopy skin and reposition lax musculature in the upper and lower eyelids. The surgery is also effective at treating the bags under the eyes and crow’s feet.

After the surgery, patients are instructed to use ice packs or cool compresses on the eyes for the first 48 to 72 hours. They can also apply heat or cold to reduce swelling. They are also advised to sleep with their head elevated for the first few days. They should also wear dark sunglasses to protect the eyelid skin.

Lifelong Lift(tm) procedure

The Lifelong Lift procedure is an option for patients who are dissatisfied with their lower face’s appearance. This procedure targets loose skin under the chin, sagging facial skin, and jowls. It can be customized to fit each patient’s specific needs.

This non-invasive facelift technique is FDA-approved and helps correct sagging facial skin and create a smoother appearance. It is especially effective for patients with lowered eyebrow lines and sagging eyelids. It stimulates collagen growth and has no downtime and few side effects.