Playground Markings For Primary Schools

School playground markings are not just fun to play on, they can also encourage children of all ages to engage in learning activities outside the classroom. From numeracy and literacy to PE and kinaesthetic learning, there is a range of educational playground marking designs that can help develop key skills in an engaging way.

In recent years, schools have been embracing the trend of transforming their playgrounds into a fun and creative space for children to learn whilst they play. Using colourful thermoplastic markings, children can learn and play games that support their classroom learning, developing core subjects such as maths, English, and phonics in a fresh, interactive environment.

Playground markings can be utilised across the entire outdoor school playground, allowing students of all ages to enjoy learning through play and stay active during their lunchtime break or when taking part in a PE lesson or sports day. These play-based learning activities can be a great way to ensure children meet the recommended daily amount of physical activity, helping them to keep fit and healthy.

To promote an active lunchtime break, a variety of court markings can be installed, including tennis, netball, basketball, and football (soccer) courts. These can provide students with an opportunity to refine their sports skills during playtime, ensuring they are ready for the next PE lesson or sports day.

Alternatively, a noughts and crosses playground marking can be a fun way for children to develop their pattern recognition skills, as well as learn how to take turns and look ahead before deciding on their next move. This game can also be personalised to incorporate cute characters like frogs or a rocket ship, encouraging kids to get involved and use their imagination. Other popular options include hopscotch, which can be made to look classic or to incorporate a range of imaginative designs.

Another popular type of playground marking is one that teaches essential road safety and responsibilities, such as zebra crossings or stop signs. This can be a great way to teach children about road safety and the rules of the road, ensuring they are safe on the roads both in school and outside of it.

In addition to this, many of our playground markings for primary schools can be customised with a range of different educational and interactive games, such as alphabet or number games, snakes and ladders, and multiplication grids. These are a fantastic way to support literacy and numeracy, enabling children to have fun and learn at the same time. Our premium grade thermoplastic is highly durable and resistant to UV rays, meaning it can stand up to frequent usage by the hands of eager schoolchildren and remain bright and colourful for longer than traditional painted markings. We recommend that the marks are regularly swept, a task that should be carried out every six months to minimise the risk of them being worn down or damaged. Our team of expert playground marking installers will be able to advise you on the best design to suit your school, as well as offering competitive quotes and a superb after sales service.