Oilfield Bus Sales and Service Providers Help Oilfield Operators Get the Buses They Need

Whether it’s for work or play, busses are essential to most lives. In fact, most Americans rely on buses to get them from one place to another, and when it comes to school children – especially those with special needs – missing just one bus ride can put their academic performance at risk and even lead to negative life outcomes down the road.

That’s why it’s important for parents to make sure their children are getting where they need to go every day. One such parent, Neta Rhyne from the town of Toyahvale in Ector County, is frustrated with a lack of school bus service because it keeps her high-school students from getting to class on time. She’s been forced to spend a lot of time on the road, driving 400 miles to Austin to complain at Texas Railroad Commission hearings about the pollution coming from wastewater-injection wells that are destroying her community.

She says she’s lost count of the number of times they’ve had to call a taxi or hotel just to get her kids to school. She’s also been forced to move twice because of the pollution that’s filling the air around her home. And now the district has pulled the plug on the bus service, putting her kids at risk for poor education and life outcomes.

While the oil industry https://thebuscentre.com/oilfield-bus-sales/ continues to grow, it has not boosted local tax revenues fast enough to keep up with increased costs that come along with the boom. In many places, school districts are struggling to find the funding they need to keep classrooms full and teachers paid, and local police departments and fire stations are struggling to maintain staff. In addition, crowded roads and water supply infrastructure are being stretched to the limit by the growing population of migrant workers brought in by the oil and gas boom.

Luckily, companies like Gregory Poole are making it easier for oilfield companies to get the busses they need. The company has 21 full-service facilities, including the largest Blue Bird dealership in New York State based in Chittenango, which is expected to create 24 jobs. The company offers a variety of models, from the Micro Bird G5 to the Collins low-floor bus. They also offer sales, service, maintenance and parts support to help bus owners keep their vehicles running smoothly and safely.