Small Office Binding Machine Continued-Coil Binding Machine

Out of all small office binding machines, the coil binding machine or the coil binders is mostly used. In all the office premises you will find a coil binding machine. The most common machine that is used for book binding is the coil binding machine. It can also be termed as spiral binding. A plastic coil is used to bind the book that you want. It is the simple way to keep all your necessary documents together in a folder.

types of binding

Types of Binding:

As coil binders are used in binding documents, many other materials are also used for binding. Along with coil binding, there are many types of binding that can be used in offices. Here are some of the commonly used binding methods.

  • Saddle stitch
  • Perfect binding
  • Section sewn
  • Wire binding
  • Cased-in wiro binding
  • Pamphlet binding
  • Coptic binding
  • Screw post binding
  • Japanese binding

About Coil Binding Machines:

Binding of documents is a common site in every office. There are many written documents and paperwork which need to be done to keep the facts and information intact and in proper place. For this binding is very important especially in the office areas. Coil binders are used for coil binding or spiral binding. It is a form of binding that use a coil to hold documents that need to be kept together. Coil binding is done by machines that are specialized in binding with the help of a coil. The machines can be either electric or manual depending on the variety of the machine. But it is better to use the electric ones because they are quicker than traditional manual machines. Both the types of coil binding machines are capable of giving the same effect on any volume of binding.

coil binding

Advantages of Coil Binding:

Coil binding is the most commonly used binding process in the office. Not only it is easy to use, this binding process has lot of other advantages too. In this blog, you will find the advantages of doing a spiral or coil binding.

  • Coil binding are used to bind materials like diaries, pads, brochures and calendars. These are the necessary stuff that is used in offices.
  • Coil binders can be versatile because the coil used for binding are available in various sizes ranging from 6mm to 50mm. different sizes can be used to bind different volumes of materials, which can be from a few sheets to about 500 sheets.
  • There is a wide range of colour options for the binders that are used. Any company can use any colour for binding materials. In fact pantone colours can also be used if any company wants to match with their corporate colour.
  • It is the most durable of all kind of binding that are used for office purposes. Coil bound material can lie absolutely flat and so it is the most used binding by all. The coil that is used is indestructible and can resist crush.
  • The falling out of pages can be reduced if coil binding is used to bind any particular document.

Coil binders can be helpful in many ways including the use for spiral binding.

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