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Eric Work Student Investment in Their Classroom Learning

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November 15, 2011 This semester I’ve got a job teaching economics. I’ve decided to design the course around the principles and practices of self-directed learning, on the premise that energy and choice are currencies to manage. The intention is to engage students in hands-on management of their classroom experience, as a way to bring their […]

DiDi People Helping Other People

October 9, 2011 As always, I was running late. I was on my way to my nephew’s birthday party. On the way, I stopped at a mall to go to a bookstore to get a gift certificate. Books were always a safe bet for him. When I entered, the hustle and bustle of the store […]

Guru Fatha photo Light on Your Path

September 8, 2011 The world is a funny place. Of course, we can be funny too! Rather than being constantly wrapped up in the melodrama of daily life, occasionally it is a good thing to admit to being funny. Funny can mean odd, unusual, or strange. It can also mean comical. When we loosen up […]

Rachel Can You Multitask?

September 8, 2011 Years ago, when I first heard the word “multitasking,” I remember thinking to myself, “What a strange word.” But it has now become a very popular word! I always admire people like my son Val. I used to watch him doing his homework on the computer, sing with the radio, or speak […]

SuperAwesomeHappyAttack Good News Toronto welcomes two new talented illustrators to our team

September 12, 2011 Good News Toronto welcomes two new talented illustrators to our team: Graham Post and Rosie Pea. Enjoy their pieces respectively – “Super Awesome Happy Attack” and “Community BBQ”                                                 […]

We’ve come a long way, Martha!

September 12, 2011   Just yesterday, I was readin’ that a parking space for one car in one of them new condos is gonna cost $100,000! That’s $100,000 to use 200 square feet of concrete — and you can’t take it with you! Where in heck’s the value of a dollar gone between now and […]

Hot Air Balloons

September 12, 2011 Hot Air Balloons I wanna feel the slow wind blow. Oh, so much I wanna be free n small n big n tall The soft breeze cool on my face and hair. Way up there without a care. In the clouds, do I dare?   Fly, Fly, Fly High, high, high Balloons! […]

Clarissa, augmenting the raised funds by teaching To Africa, with Love from Toronto

June 7, 2011 “We all believed that if someone had the ability and aspiration to acquire knowledge, they should be granted this right.”

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