9 Best Interior Paint Colors for Your House

The mistake which most people make while coloring small houses is restricting themselves to whites or light shades. People are unaware that a small house can be painted with almost any shade provided the right accessories and lighting is used. The misconception is that dark shades make the house look smaller. In reality the dark shades can add a little bit of drama to your house and can completely transform the plain home. You can take the help of Brampton Painters to make your house look outstanding.

By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea about the shades which you can use for painting your small house.

Behr Shadow Taupe BNC-24

Working from home is the best thing one could have asked for. You need to make your work space look relaxing as well as business-like. You can use a neutral color in light shades. If you can add some natural lighting, your workspace will look outstanding and will help you to concentrate in your work even more.


Carter Crème-Magnolia Home Paint

You can make your bedroom look remarkable by using neutral colors and hiring professional Brampton Painters. If the space of the bedroom is small, you can use a light neutral shade to make the area look luxurious and spacious.

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Behr Aqua Breeze 500E-2

You should always paint your laundry room with fresh colors. Even if your laundry room is small, you can opt for the fresh colors easily. The fresh shades will help you to brighten up the area and provide a refreshed look to the room. The Brampton Painters can paint your laundry room in an efficient manner.


Benjamin Moore Silver Mist 1619

If you are looking for something unique for your living room, you can opt for gray. The color adds a modern twist to the room and you can decorate the room according to your taste and preference.

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Magnolia Green – Magnolia Home Paint

If you have a mudroom, you can opt for a cheerful and fun color. A natural green can easily make your mudroom outstanding. You can easily create a mudroom in your house.


Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow

You can opt for a bright yellow color for your kitchen and ask the Brampton Painters to paint your kitchen. You can also paint the cabinets white to make the kitchen look perfect. You might need to check a few shades of yellow in order to get the perfect shade for your kitchen.


Ella Rose-Magnolia House Paint

If you love unique shades of pink, then you should opt for this unique shade. This shade would be perfect for the guest room.

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Sherwin-Williams Alabaster SW 6265

If you have a stenciled or striped wall then the room appears much larger. You can just use neutral colors and can make the room look unique by adding stripes.


Farrow and Bay Pavilion Gray

You can choose a unique color for the dining area. You are free to decorate the room in traditional or contemporary style according to your preference. You should hire Brampton Painters to do the task for you.