So What Are Bongs, Exactly? A History Guide

Bongs have made their mark in the history of dabbing experience. As a matter of fact, from Thailand to America to Ethiopia, bongs have made their mark all over the world. It is considered to be a device, or a water pipe that is used as a filtration device for smoking cannabis or any other substance, like tobacco.

If you are interested to learn about the history of bongs for sale and the various versions in which they are available, you need to go through the blog. Basically, you will get to know about the different designs and accessories associated with bongs. Once can get their desired bongs in the market.

What Are Bongs?

Bong can be defined as a water-filled smoking device which can produce smooth, clean, and cooler ‘milk’. Once the smoke is filtered from the dried herbs with water, the residue particles and water-dissolving molecules won’t enter the respiratory system.

Different Parts

Bongs are available in different styles, shapes, and size. They can be made up of glass, ceramic, plastic, clay and other materials. However, the components of the bongs remain the same.

The three distinguished features of their construction are:

  • Water Chamber

The below of bongs for sale comprises of a curved chamber which holds water. its function is to filter and cool down the smoke so that it feels smooth on the throat and lungs when inhaled.

bongs for sale

  • Tube

When the smoke will flow through thsi water chamber, it will flows upward into the long-neck like vertical tube and comes out through the mouthpiece. it filters the smoke further.

  • Downstem

It draws the air and smoke into the water while the user inhales and creates bubbles. When the downstem is stationary, it comes with a car and small hole above water linebongs for sale

The Evolution of Bongs

Bongs offer similar functionality as hookahs. However, in order to learn the way in which it evolved, one needs to look back into the history. It is assumed that bongs for sale flourished from ancient times in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Excavations in Africa showed 13th century earth pipes made up of horns, bamboo, and earthenware. After that, during the 16th century, hookahs came up in the Persian culture. Bamboo bongs were used from China to Thailand. As a part of trade, bongs started to travel throughout Europe during the 18th and 19th century. After that, it made their way to America.

The Victorian water pipes were made up of ceramic and were beautifully decorated. During the late 1970’s the glassblowing art movement, led glass bongs to get a patent. Here, the demand for intricate artwork grew for the glass bongs. Today, in 21ST century one can see decorative glass bongs for sale.


Today, glass bongs area made up of hand-blown glass so that it can change color. However, one can go for the ceramic version if one wants. Small and plain bongs are less expensive. Usually, the pricing of the bongs increases depending on the thickness of the glass and intricate accessories,

If you are new to the world of bongs, there’s nothing to worry. You can choose from Percolator Bongs or Bubbler Bongs or Mini Bongs. Even after being expensive, bongs for sale can provide best dabbing experience.