Singing Siblings’ Charitable Initiative Takes Them to the UN

Singing Siblings’ Charitable Initiative Takes Them to the UN

The Syed siblings. Sayada Nabi/UTSC

Siblings Hasna, Hana , Sarah and Bilal Syed are close. They attend the University of Toronto at Scarborough together and they also sing together. Their singing quartet DEYSofficial is well known in Scarborough and earned the three sisters and one brother an invitation to perform at this past summer’s 2015 Pan Am festivities.

While the Syed siblings are known for the melodious voices, their charitable endeavors have gained them the attention of the United Nations.

Earlier this month the four siblings travelled to New York to attend a global initiative conference hosted by the UN. The Syed Siblings were invited to the international gathering to discuss Global Youth Impact, a group spearheaded by the family and devoted to building leadership among youth and engaging them in philanthropic efforts.

“We focus on youth leadership both within the community and larger scales abroad,” says Hana, president of GYI and second year student at UTSC. “Often people our age, their voices get muffled and it’s just nice to have a platform we can get their voices out there together.”

Global Youth Impact, the Syed’s organization was born out of a desire to change the world after Sara and Bilal took a trip to the Philippines.

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