Saving the Environment and Your Car

Water used from washing your vehicle with chemical-filled soap runs into our storm drains and eventually into our rivers. Waterless car washes are the answer to keeping our cars and our earth clean and green.

Saving the Environment and Your Car

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Ryan Knight’s customers can’t believe their eyes when they’re told that their car was washed without water.

“A lot of them can’t believe it until they see it,” Knight said. “I can tell them about it, but it usually takes seeing the product in action to make them believe that it does work well . . . and it doesn’t scratch or leave streaks.”

Twenty-nine-year-old Knight and his brother own and operate Detailing Knights, a Brampton-based car-detailing company that takes their cleaning services to their customers. Averaging about three jobs per day around the GTA, Detailing Knights travel to their clients and wash their vehicles on-site using waterless car washes.

“We actually switched to waterless in 2009 once we found that the waterless meant less water waste and we were able to be more mobile,” Knight said. “With the waterless car wash product you actually get a higher-quality clean because it’s applied by hand, section by section, and leaves a protective polish […] so the paint actually looks how it’s supposed to look, rather than using water, where you’re slowly washing away the clear coat – that’s why cars dull over time.”

Washing your car in the city isn’t prohibited. The water and soap used to wash the car runs down the vehicle and driveway and can dump harmful contaminants into the storm drains. Waterless car washes do the same job as traditional automotive soap and water (or better) without harming the environment.

“With traditional washing of cars with water, we find you’d be wasting about 100 gallons of water or more,” Knight said. “With the waterless car wash, you’d only be using about six ounces.”

Daniel Campbell and Ryan Knight proud of a job well done: a waterless clean car.

If you’re really aiming to go green, look for a waterless car wash that’s plant-based, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Since making the switch to waterless washes, Knight says that washing a car takes half the time it previously did.

“[It’s] much easier because when we were using water and soap and waxing before, it would take us about four to five hours minimum,” he said. “And now […] we’ve cut it down to two hours or less.”

Knight was introduced to waterless car washes through his father-in-law who was selling the product. Necessity made him rethink his career path when he was laid off his corporate job in 2009, two weeks before his wedding. He decided to finish his accounting degree and start this business with his family’s help. The success of his green venture has enabled Knight to involve four more family members.

Knight also created a talk show on Rogers Cable TV, Green Times in Peel, where he discusses various environmental issues throughout the eight episodes.

In addition to his dedication to the environment, Knight is committed to helping youth through employment opportunities. He’s working with Sheridan College to set up a program encouraging students to get involved with green initiatives such as his and hopes to create franchises for young entrepreneurs.

GNT’s publisher, Eva Karpati, tried it out and loves it!

Did You Know?
Washing your car with soap and water can waste up to 100 gallons of water per wash! Go waterless and purchase a bottle of non-toxic and biodegradable GoClean Waterless car wash at Canadian Tire for $15 a bottle.



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