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GNT 5th group photo

February 13, 2013

On Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 our first issue of Good News Toronto came out! Yes, it is our fifth anniversary — we are alive, thriving, and growing. And that means it’s time to celebrate. As a culture we love to mark milestones. I love to mark them because it is an opportunity to party — party with the people who keep GNT alive.

Publishing can be a very solitary undertaking. Everything is done virtually — stories are submitted and edited by email; discussions and decisions are done by texting; articles are posted online; marketing is done through Facebook and Twitter; feedback and comments are now “Likes.” I miss and crave being with everyone. Therefore, celebrating is a chance for face time with the GNT Team.

And this is what happened on Sunday. I was able to give a huge thank-you hug both symbolic and real to my writers and contributors. But it was much more than that. As each person introduced themselves, it became evident that Good News Toronto is not only about community it is a community — a community of extremely generous people sharing their enormous talent, skill and passion in order to make a difference. Within this family some new connections were created, some friendships renewed, but most of all there was the bonding that comes from being on an exciting journey together. I found this profound and overwhelming. I am so grateful that the concept of GNT has resonated with this remarkable group in such a way as to make it the vital publication it is. The energy and dedication of this community of contributors allows me to believe that Good News Toronto will be around to celebrate many more anniversaries.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead


Eva Karpati




Photo of the glorious Good News Toronto Team members who were able to make it to the party:

Marni Zaretsky, Richard Prupas, Theresa Laurico, Floyd Marinescu, Sophie Tolias, Didi LeMay, Danielle Boyer, Leonardo Zúñiga, Louis, me, Daria Sukman, Olga Levitski, Rachel Ornoy, Marc Boudard,  Miriam Baichman, Kathleen Betts, Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa, Sharon Smith, Georgia Williams, Susan Karpati, Oana Dragan,  Barbara Fishbein, Andrea Boudard, Tali Voron, Lauri Teikari, Michelle Burt, Lynne Hay, Bill Hay, Kirk Mathieson.

The photo was taken by the talented Mario Dimain, also part of the GNT Team

About the Author(s)

Eva Karpati

Eva Karpati is the Publisher/Editor of Good News Toronto

4 Responses to "For Good-news Sake"

  • Sandra 12:14 PM 14/2/2013

    Love – so very proud of you and remember you talking about this idea…you are a most amazing woman and I celebrate you and all that you have done to bring joy to others!!!

    • Eva Karpati Eva Karpati 10:14 AM 15/2/2013

      Thank you so much Sandra. I am so fortunate to have a fabulous team to enable us to spread the joy.

  • Kathleen Betts Kathleen Betts 09:27 AM 15/2/2013

    Happy Five-Years GNT!! That’s a lot of good news. How many GTA everyday heroes are celebrated in the annals so far? Looking forward to many more years of inspiration and motivation from the kindness and goodness of others in our midst in and around Toronto. WOW!

    • Eva Karpati Eva Karpati 10:28 AM 15/2/2013

      Dear Kathleen, we have featured over 500 everyday heroes and there are still so many more people to celebrate. Thank you being an enabler in this journey!!

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