Toronto’s Young Olympian Combines Art and Athletics

Synchro Canada Team Portraits

April 9, 2012

As the London Olympics loom closer for synchronized swimmer Erin Willson, she and her team work even harder.

Erin Willson, a 22-year-old athlete and a member of the Canadian National Synchronized Swim Team, trains eights hours a day, five days a week in order to prepare to compete in rigorous nationwide competitions. Her position on the Canadian Olympic team helps to reinforce the notion of endurance and dedication in a culture where physical activity is something that tends to be neglected.

Erin has been in love with the water since she was a child spending her summers swimming recreationally in her cottage up north. An active little girl with a curiosity about sports, she was compelled to participate in everything she came across. When she started to take formal swimming lessons, she developed an undeniable skill that naturally progressed into competitive swimming. Her coaches and swim instructors were able to spot an inherent aptitude in Erin. Finally, she fell in love with her one and only: synchronized swimming. According to Erin, it is the perfect combination of athletics and art; it is graceful in appearance yet rigorous in activity. Synchronized swimming allows her to express herself both athletically as well as artistically.

Erin has been competing for years, beginning with provincial competitions for two years before quickly moving up to national competitions, and then to international competitions. Erin and her team came in fourth place at the World Championships in Shanghai and then won the Pan American Games in Mexico this past October, warranting her team a spot in the summer Olympics 2012.

Pan Am Medals

Pan Am Medals












Erin and her team are training hard to represent Canada in this year’s London Olympics. Let’s support our fellow Canadian and watch her in action!


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