Life’s Great Adventures

Life’s Great Adventures

April 11, 2012

In this monthly column, DiDi LeMay shares adventures from her busy life in the exciting multicultural city of Toronto.

The season of people watching is almost here. You know what I mean – sitting on the patio and just people watching.

Every year, I look forward to sitting outside and gazing at my fellow citizens. Not because I am rude, but because I’m just plain curious. I’m very curious about who my fellow Torontonians are.

Last Sunday, my husband took me out to dinner and I got a head start on my people watching. Sipping my drink, I looked around the restaurant. It was busy, the tables were all occupied with couples, friends, and families enjoying an evening out.

At one of the tables there was a family celebrating their son’s birthday. Sitting in his highchair, he was happily digging into his birthday cake. He looked up with a gleam in his eyes and a chocolate-smeared mouth as the wait staff sang Happy Birthday to him. His father was running around the table taking pictures from all angles with his cell phone – I’m sure they will be posted on Facebook by the evening.

There was also a group of friends having fun. As they ordered their meals, they were laughing, toasting each other, and enjoying themselves. I was curious about why they were at the restaurant: were they celebrating something, or just getting together for an evening out?

In one of the quiet corners of the restaurant an older couple was calmly enjoying a meal. He had on a suit and she wore a pretty dress, her gray hair beautifully styled. I wondered about them, too. Were they celebrating an anniversary? Or had they just met and were on a date?  Oh, the romance, I gushed as I looked at them.

They each had a glass of wine, the man had his hand cupped over the woman’s, and they were quietly talking. They both had sweet smiles on their faces, which in turn made me smile.

I turned to my husband and said, “Look, aren’t they cute together?” My husband turned, glanced, and smiled as well.

My husband, who knows me well, calmly said, “Let them be. They are enjoying each other’s company. They don’t need you to stick your nose into their business.”

I’m sure that you have heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat.” Well, I am that cat! I was already edging off of my chair to go chat with them.

During our meal, it took a great deal of effort to curb my curiosity. The only thing I did on our way out was to walk past their table and give them a great big smile.

I had a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart as my husband and I walked home, holding hands. I really feel that my fellow Torontonians are very interesting. As I thought of the older couple, I hoped that in years to come my husband and I would become that couple in the quiet corner, enjoying a good dinner, nice wine, and each other’s company.

DiDi LeMay

DiDi LeMay

DiDi LeMay is a professional children’s book author who approaches life as if it were one big adventure after another.
DiDi LeMay

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