POEM – 2012 Song of Light

Rosie Pea illustration

January 5, 2012


2012 Song of Light

I fly, I sing;
I pollinate things.

I zoom, I tweet;
the sky cushions my feet.

I waddle, I quack;
a river flows off my back.

I run, I bark;
I squirrel chase in the park.

I leap, I meow;
I bat feathers and how.

I pounce, I roar;
I jungle run and more.

We laugh, we cry.
We live, we die.
Loving creatures are we
Helping the world to see—the light.

Created: Dec.31, 2011



Illustration by Rosie Pea

Rosie Pea is currently attending OCAD University. She spends most of her time in a stew of paint and headphones, and the only thing that could match her love of music and movement is puppies. Oodles of puppies!

About the Author(s)

Vera Held

Vera Held (www.veraheld.com) is a coach, facilitator, speaker, writer, PR consultant, and the author of business best-seller How Not to Take it Personally.

9 Responses to "POEM – 2012 Song of Light"

  • Gloria 10:03 PM 07/1/2012

    Very fun – with a great last line to really bring the point home!

    • Vera 10:13 AM 08/1/2012

      Thanks, Gloria. Nice to end the ditty—with a bang.

  • Heather Stubbs 09:20 AM 08/1/2012

    Sweet! If you found a good illustrator, it could make a lovely book for young children. I’m not sure about introducing the concept of “we die” for that age, though (which is a purely personal viewpoint, of course.) Not being a poet, however, I can’t offer any suggestions. :)

  • Vera 09:45 AM 08/1/2012

    Thanks, Heather. For me, death is the completion of life, and it’s not something that needs to be hidden from anyone—including little kids. In other parts of the globe (meaning, not North America), it’s standard fare early on in “the curriculum of life.” Cheers, Vera

  • Clarence Beeksma 12:20 PM 09/1/2012

    I like it, Vera. I”m drawing a direct parallel to humans i.e. we’re all so unique, having different strengths and purpose, eventually dying but not before having opportunities to impact the world.

    • vera 01:56 PM 09/1/2012

      And that’s what poetry is all about, Clarence. Interpretation—and I most decidedly love yours!


  • Michael Gatbonton 10:49 PM 16/1/2012

    My children enjoyed this. It took me ten minutes to read it to them because with every verb, they just had to quack, bark and roar. Fun stuff…more please

    • Vera 08:43 PM 27/1/2012

      So nice to hear, Michael. I look forward to writing more children’s poetry.


  • Henry 10:39 AM 03/4/2013

    A fun poem Vera. I enjoyed it.

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