Dear Good News Toronto Readers

June 7, 2011

I missed you. Unfortunately, we were not able to print the May issue due to insufficient funds. But we are back! Full of wonderful stories about inspirational Torontonians and our regular columns of sage, thought-provoking commentary and advice.

We were not dormant during May. We put our stories online. Please visit to catch up with our news.

And we have been creating our own Good News Toronto events! We are extremely excited to announce our first ever Good News Toronto True Story Writing Contest. This endeavour was crafted by our own Sophie Tolias as a reflection of her own love of writing. I would like you all to participate in this creative competition, or pass the information on to someone you know who loves to write. Read all the details on the GNT events page and submit your personal essays on the topic of Encounters that Changed Your Life. I can’t wait to read your entries. We have gifted judges and fabulous prizes for the winner. It will be our honour to publish the grand winner, so start writing!

We are also excited to announce a Zumba-Yoga Party on June 29th, from 7:00 to 9:00pm, organized by Nancy Allen. Half of the proceeds will benefit Good News Toronto and the other half will benefit a youth fitness initiative. What an extremely kind and generous offer on her behalf. I will be there dancing and having fun; I hope you will be too! Please check out the flyer for more information.

As well, we have been busy getting involved in many community events – which serves to reinforce our Vision Statement.

Kitty Chan, Eva Karapti, Kathleen Betts, and Patricia Betts at City Mosaic Good News Toronto Booth
Kitty Chan, Eva Karapti, Kathleen Betts, and Patricia Betts at City Mosaic Good News Toronto Booth

We were a sponsor of City Mosaic, a project of AcrossU-Hub ( This was a day of youth exploring various communities in the city to encourage cross-cultural connections. GNT board member Kathleen Betts and her daughter Patricia and I womanned a Good News Toronto booth on that day, and thoroughly enjoyed sharing our stories. I love being with exuberant youth. It is so contagious.

We are also sponsors of the Comedy Cares About Learning fundraiser, an endeavour that is raising funds for the Learning Enrichment Foundation through comedy gigs.  Be sure to bring your sense of humour!

We are a supporter of the MINT Film Festival ( an important initiative that, beyond showcasing films, encourages community engagement – which goes along perfectly with our goals.

Our other exciting news is that we now have a presence downtown. We are part of INGDirect’s Network Orange Cafe. We have been invited to use their new shared workspace at 221 Yonge (at Shuter Street). Please visit us Tuesday afternoons and we can have coffee together. What a pleasure it would be to meet you.

Finally, I hope you feel it is important to keep Good News Toronto in print. It is a challenging undertaking. I welcome your support by advertising in the newspaper, by recommending us to potential advertisers, or by making a donation to Good News Toronto. This is the most tangible way you can tell us that you want us to survive.

In gratitude,
Eva Karpati

Eva Karpati

Eva Karpati

Eva Karpati is the publisher of Good News Toronto.
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